This is the end, my dearest friend

4 min readMar 11, 2019

Joe Instant was a guy that never had much doubts. People respected him. All though most barely understood what he actually was doing. It seemed reputable to them. Soon after college, their startup was bought by google. He expected it to happen. Making virtual reality a materialistic experience was Joe’s Dream, since an insight his uncle shared when he was little. Buying the Nintendo Wii Technology is dumb. It’s just the beginning of a change in the interaction with videogames. A new era, with much more sophisticated technologies to come.

Nowadays he’s moved way beyond that. What had begun in engineering has turned into a more complex business. They are selling the 2nd generation of haptic suits, with their peers barely able to present a functioning model. As most countries implemented a longevity clause that limits the consumption of electronics devices, most people would keep their suit for 8 years or more. Being the leader in accompanying softwares was the key to success, he knew.

Now he’s working on the age-old question of humanity. What’s life supposed to look like for a person to be happy? A person could, if he wanted to, spend 24 hours a day in the virtual world.

Proudly he reviewed their latest press release:

We have no limits to implement any imagination, which is our greatest chance as well as our hardest problem.

We asked ourselves what makes a life worth living?

The first takes weren’t too far fetched. Good health is definitely a basic ingredient of a happy life, we figured. Our current model can already simulate a full gym or sports experience.

With the third model we will reach our goal to surpass any constraint that could limit a true physical experience. For more information please refer to our technical description. It explains how we manage to simulate the truest of experiences. Testing with professional athletes, we verified a mechanical capability exceeding human sensoric capacity, considering factors such as reaction time, maximal force and sensitivity. Additionally we have worked extensively on full climate control. From swimming in various currents to skiing on a freezing sunny day we can give you the fullest of experiences.

To find out which range of activities generate a fulfilling life, we set up extensive long-time studies.

We’ve come across immense difficulties, because a person’s state of mind is just…