1 min readFeb 26, 2020


Most of us people here on medium are on a similar track.

Become unbelievably successful! Amazing life hacks! The number one thought model for limitless productivity. Yadiyada…

Take a step back now.

Most of it actually is solid advice. But then again, it sounds similar to one of those adds:

“This one trick easily let’s you earn 2000$ from home every day!”

Are we overlooking something?

I heard a quote today. Apparently from Einstein:

“It is your choice whether you live in a universe that is friendly or not.”

It’s tempting to spend attention to a mystery-world where a better version of oneself seems just barely out of reach.

It feels important. Which it is. All change comes from imagination.

A tricky duality. The idiot within me, creating the master.

Even when I’m at 98% dumb, engaging in pointless behavior. The 2% still trumps all the wishywash self-help chants.

In the words of James Halliday:

“Because reality is real… You understand what I’m saying?”