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Fake News! A Workaround

*insert clickbait

5 min readJun 3, 2020


Let me introduce the characters:

  • Harry is the classic conspiracy-theorist. That says enough already, I think. Let’s not ask why. Answering that is a headache to be avoided. Today, at least.
  • John is an economist. Traditional right-wing liberal position. His father was born just after the 2nd World War. They didn’t have much and worked their way to middle-class.

Who’s missing?

  • Jane is our millennial butterfly. She does yoga and likes to travel. Majoring in psychology.

What game are we playing today?

Simple rules: The most important action to be taken for a better world. One sentence only.

  • Harry: “Dismantle the government.”
  • John: “Strengthen our production of goods.”
  • Jane:” Education for all generations.”

Aaand there it is. All fake news! Why? Duh, there can only be one “most important thing”.

In my case it’s: “Go get more coffee, dear robot I control with words no one else hears.”

That’s the stuff.

Before I go ahead: I don’t believe humans can lie.