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I can’t see

2 min readJan 11, 2021
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First a disclaimer: I’m from Switzerland and kept watching the events in the USA regarding the elections. I try to keep an open mind. Mistakes happen. I see good people on both sides.


Completely censoring individuals is concerning. As it was 1933 in Germany.

Even if you hate President Trump, completely disagree with him on every issue, and condemn all his actions (which is fine),

This is not the way

I’m no specialist, but it’s fair to assume that the techniques in mass manipulation have been advanced continuously. The problem with the struggles for power between parties is simple. Elaborating on the complexity of issues gives you a disadvantage.

Simple truths, emotional truths, those are the mobilizers.

In pure contrast to reality. I’ve tried to go at information from different angles before. Here’s one fundamental concept:

Most information available is Schroedinger’s Cat information.

The Cat is in the box. Without opening the box it’s impossible to know whether it’s alive or dead. (->Wikipedia)

Party A tells me that the Cat is dead. Party B says it’s alive.