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First a disclaimer: I’m from Switzerland and kept watching the events in the USA regarding the elections. I try to keep an open mind. Mistakes happen. I see good people on both sides.


Completely censoring individuals is concerning. As it was 1933 in Germany.

Even if you hate President Trump, completely disagree with him on every issue, and condemn all his actions (which is fine),

I’m no specialist, but it’s fair to assume that the techniques in mass manipulation have been advanced continuously. The problem with the struggles for power between parties is simple…

Story of a House #2

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I thought this 2nd part would be a simple one. Just lift off and be free. So I tried it and failed miserably. Turns out to be a little more complicated =)

Here’s the setting:

One day a silhouette broke through the fog. Just long enough to get a glimpse. Intrigued and curious, I try to build a bridge. Get a little closer. What was that? I want to see it.

Enthusiastically starting to screw wood frames together, building with the best intent of civil engineering.

Story of a House

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Let me introduce imagery for beliefs. It leans on the established concept of the memory palace.

At birth, one is equipped with a small platform. Standing within the nothingness. High up on pillars that lose themselves in the fog way down below. Above is nothing.

With age, the air clears up and one is able to see further. Other platforms with people and buildings appear. Most are connected to others. Some have grown together into large structures.

Every thought ever had is a part of one’s own building. The entrance hall depicts childhood. One wing is filled with ideas and…

Blunt statement about something wel lost control over or is bad.

It hijacks a survival instinct of detecting danger.

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Hopefully, many of you will jump at this just as the atheist part of me did.

Here is the inner dialog that led me to the above conclusion:

Provoker (P): “Atheism is the dumbest attitude ever!”

Atheist (A): “Are you insane? What is wrong with following reason and logic instead of hocus-pocus stories? Atheism is the only responsible choice.”

P: “No no, you misunderstand me. What I want to say is: Why is it a good thing to reject a religion? What’s the motivation?”

A: “I don’t see how believing in stories of walking on water could benefit me. …

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*insert clickbait

Let me introduce the characters:

  • Harry is the classic conspiracy-theorist. That says enough already, I think. Let’s not ask why. Answering that is a headache to be avoided. Today, at least.
  • John is an economist. Traditional right-wing liberal position. His father was born just after the 2nd World War. They didn’t have much and worked their way to middle-class.

Who’s missing?

  • Jane is our millennial butterfly. She does yoga and likes to travel. Majoring in psychology.

What game are we playing today?

Simple rules: The most important action to be taken for a better world. One sentence only.

  • Harry: “Dismantle…

Most of us people here on medium are on a similar track.

Become unbelievably successful! Amazing life hacks! The number one thought model for limitless productivity. Yadiyada…

Take a step back now.

Most of it actually is solid advice. But then again, it sounds similar to one of those adds:

“This one trick easily let’s you earn 2000$ from home every day!”

Are we overlooking something?

I heard a quote today. Apparently from Einstein:

“It is your choice whether you live in a universe that is friendly or not.”

It’s tempting to spend attention to a mystery-world where a better…

“It’s impossible” — Even Toyota

Welcome to the cakeverse. Let’s put those pastry goggles on and get things going.

I have a kitchen?

“wuuush” (teleportation sound). Here we are, in the kitchen. A kitchen, in which one makes cake. Before bringing said cake to the world.

Look at the tools! The stove is the same model mom has. The sink is similar to the one dad uses, although that brush I’ve seen before at grandpa’s.

*********, I scream, limping on one leg. Who puts a corner there??

Wait! This has happened before. Such a mess just because of a corner? If only I knew.


The single-task focus is glorified. Everywhere I look. Guy: “ All my success comes from getting into the zone and working hard!”

Flow state means full immersion in a certain task or activity. Often it’s mentioned in sports. “When in the zone, he can’t be stopped”.

But we need to consider where the attention lies. Sure, it can be directed within. It can be directed towards the surroundings as well.

Can one be in the flow whilst constantly being distracted?

Let’s use a concept I first heard from David Deida. Male and female energy. …

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General guide for lasting change, illustrated on my experience in overcoming chronic knee-pain.


This article is about the actions I took to get rid of chronic kneecap inflammation.

I start with the (1) Experience to illustrate the situation I was at 2 years ago. Then I explain my (2) Thought Process to make the connection how I got to the (3) Basic Model, which I used during rehabilitation.

After that, (4) Further Concepts are described to get a more refined picture. Lastly, (5) Application in Broader Context is intended to give you inspiration for using my lessons learned in general problem settings.


Basketball had been a constant source of happiness since I was…


why not?

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